Col de Vergio - Bergerie de la Radule - Paglia Orba A/R

The Paglia Orba is generally claimed to be the most beautiful mountain of Corsica.

The valley near the Bergerie de la Radule.

On the left, the Tofunatu, on the right the Paglia Orba. The normal route first aims for the pass between the two, then follows the foot of the rocks of the Paglia Orba to the right, until the shoulder. Via one of the chimneys, one reaches the long and fairly flat top plateau which one follows to the summit, not visible from this side.

Tofunatu and Paglia Orba, late afternoon. Photos from Monika Wielers.


From the Col de Vergio to the hut, mostly trails, with a river to cross. From the hut to the top, climbing passage of II, delicate if wet or covered with ice. In total 16 km for an altitude difference of a bit over 1300 m both up and down. Walking time 4-6 h up and 3-4 h down.

Paglia Orba profile

(Walking times computed from an altitude profile according to the Swiss walking time tables, climbing sections are timed and colour coded according to the Didier Richard guide book for Corsica.)


Off-season, difficult to reach by public transport. Big car parking at the Col de Vergio.


To do both Tafonatu and Paglia Orba, one can spend the night in the Ref Ciuttulu di i Mori.